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Packing the Perfect Miami Weekend Outfits

As the temperature heats up, with COVID vaccines being rolled out, and restrictions lifted, it's starting to look like a somewhat normal summer. This past weekend the spouse and I tripped down to Miami to see how the pandemic has treated the beach vacation hotspot and to visit our newly NYC transplanted friends. With that being said…... Oh, how Miami has changed!! From a seasonal vacation spot to an all-year pandemic escape, it is now seeing a constant influx of tourists from every corner of the US.

With new younger crowds, come more interesting outfits. Or so I thought. It was clear that some visitors needed a talk to a stylist. ASAP!

All that aside, here are some tips and outfit ideas for a great weekend stay in Miami. (Or to bring that Miami flavor to any summer vacation for that matter).

Tip 1. The Bathing Suit

Yes, to be naked (or to wear as little clothes as possible) and free is definitely the Miami vacation mood. One of the best ways to achieve this without overpacking is buying the right bathing suits, after all... you’ll need a few for the different beach days and pool parties. Just remember multi-functionality is the key to wearing a bathing suit with nobody knowing.

From L to R

Two-piece bikinis like the Andrea Iyamah “Mulan” in ivory with its structural shoulders are perfect for creating the base for a new full look, pair the top with these leatherette pants and strappy sandals for a great dinner at Prime Fish. The Kamira Copper Sky Bikini by Asherah Swimwear is the colorful and gold option you need it can easily be worn with jean shorts for a post-beach brunch or stroll down Ocean Drive. If you’re not ready to bare your midriff check out something like Oak swimsuit by Missesbrie throw on a large flowy white skirt and you’ve created the perfect neutral base outfit for a Miami day-to-night.


The right accessories can take an outfit from the poolside to a long walk down Ocean Dr., as you search for the right restaurant to catch the sunset off the beach. Now let’s create your accessories list: sunglasses, earrings, and necklace... you see where I’m going here, keeping it to simple statement pieces is how you will steal the scene.

From L to R

It's Miami so put all the silver and platinum away and pull out your gold, darling! And remember it can never be too big. My personal favorite for this summer is the chunky Vitaly Riot Necklace, it's the perfect necklace to fill your Miami cartel chainlink fancies. The Gianni Bee sunglasses from NRODA is the perfect pair for poolside and beyond, bearing the name of the most famous Miami man, these bring a Miami beach ease with full-on fashion luxe. The Zon large earrings from Jam+Rico are perfect for a night out after you’ve had your dream Miami dinner.

Tip 3. ”Get the shoes baby…... get the shoes!”

Following the wisdom of Mother Elektra, there are never enough shoes! However, you’ll only need 3 pairs, including that chic sneaker you wear on your flight! Grab a pair of flip flops at the local beach store because they are simply not a splurge-able item for a Miami weekend.

From L to R

The Aminah Abdul Jillil Love wedge sandal is perfect for a night out strolling Ocean Drive till you find the right destination. And for those brunches and pre-beach breakfasts the Shekudo LLaymoye Mule. Go for a classic sneaker like the Adidas Originals Stan Smith you can wear them with everything, and everywhere!

Tip 4. The Cover-Ups

The main reason to stay inSouth Beach is to hit the beach and many pool parties, but a cover-up is the perfect in-between to keep you relaxed and ready to wind down.

From L to R

The blue bohemian kimono from Moss Rose is perfect for the all-around Miami weekend. If you need something a little more dressy try this amber-colored polka-dotted chiffon 3/4 sleeved kimono from Elesol, perfect for brunch or early dinner. And when you're done doing everything but lounging at your hotel pool, grab this floral sarong from Chic Diary to keep you feeling the tropical vibes of palm trees and water.

Now that I've given you the starter, I hope you'll be able to pack and have as much fun as I recently in Miami.


And for the final touch to your Miami Beach week, add some texture and natural fibers with a basket-woven straw bag.

The Hat Attack Cami Tote is perfect for your weekend of festivities.

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