Doing our part at CRNYC to produce more ethically sustained fashion, means a bit of a different purchasing experience for you! All garments produced will already have a buyer, this way we will be reducing both fabric & unsold inventory waste. The final product is a made-to-order, limited edition, ethical & eco garment just for you, our customer. This makes our order process different from other online stores. 

Check out our order process below to start your order!

Step 1.

Find the CRNYC garment you're interested in 

Step 2.

Check your measurements with our size chart to find your proper CRNYC fit. 

Step 3. 

Check/Choose fabric print options - Because each garment produced is hand-made for the buyer, garments will have a different print and/or color options. All African prints are ethically sourced directly from Africa. 

Step 4.

Place your order through our secure online website! Please allow up to 2 weeks for garment production. 

New York, NY

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